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Jul 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
>>> up next on a second look, bees, they pollinate our crops but can they also kill us? just how dangerous are those africanized bees. also are we killing them? we look at the strange case of the disappearing honey bees, it's all straight ahead tonight on the a second look. hello everyone i'm frank somerville. remember the scare back in the 1990s over the anticipated arrival of those killer bees, we haven't heard a lot about them in recent years but from time to time they make news. it was reported that it was africanized bees that attacked and killed a 70-year-old man and his dogs. it was the dogs that disturbed the bees nest. >> reporter: bees arrived on a sugar arrival. >> more than likely there's no problem at all. but we wanted to make sure there was information here about bees. >> reporter: africanized bees are also known as killer bees because they have killed when they attack in swarms. the bees have been making their way up from south america for more than a decade. officials say so far the bees have infested 12,000 square miles in several southern california counties. b
Jul 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
that will continue to settle. engineers tell us buildings with shallow foundations continue to sag and sink. while most high rises have finished settling or have less than a foot to go. the lack of solid ground under many san francisco buildings is of course not a new problem. as tara reported it was clear after the 1906 quake that some buildings were not just on shaky ground but on sinking ground. in 1995, diane wire reported on a new map that showed which areas were the most in danger. >> reporter: there's nothing quite like a beautiful sunny day in san francisco. these are views famous around the world. but today, geologists introduced us to a new color code of san francisco. the red represents the bay mud or landfill areas which are the least stable and therefor the most dangerous. the yellow represent sand, the green sheet rock and the blue represents bedrock the most stable. just to give you an idea of this map. this two story home is built on bedrock. directly across the street, the high rise apartment building is built on sand. much of the finings are expected. russian hill is bedrock. but
Jul 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
's randy shandobil went to the fair and brought us back this report of what lured the crowds there. >> reporter: we went to the alameda county fair in pleasanton, the first of the season which has already come and gone. but the great thing about fairs is that no matter where you are, no matter when they happen they all seem pretty much the same. nostalgic fun. >> look at that. >> reporter: how do you do it? >> you clean it. >> reporter: what do you think of the pictures that you took? >> i think they came out real good. >> reporter: this man is the best handicappers in the world. we can't talk about how much we win now. >> reporter: you share your tips? >> of course, i have this lovely lady here that's won $4,000 already today. >> reporter: what are you going to do with your money? >> spend it of course. >> reporter: are you going to be nice to this gentleman over here? >> no. >> even though he gave you these tips you're not going to be nice to him? >> he's lying again. >> a steer that stands 6'tall on his hinds. >> he's just a freak of nature, genetics. >> reporter: he wasn't plan
Jul 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and hopefully you don't use it. >> reporter: the economy of this town of 3,200 is on thin ice too. at this grocery deli store, the owner watches tv. >> i used to hang out for a month, month and a half. i hope things will come up between the period of one month period of time. because i lose 35% of my sales. >> reporter: a cafe has cut back its hours and a store owner watches traffic go by. a sign says support your local merchants but that's hard to do with a working strike. >> i am looking for another location right now. out of town, yes definitely. >> reporter: the strike comes on top of another problem. winds sent fumes from the refinery over the town from time to time. one leak allegedly made hundreds of people sick and scared others away. real estate doesn't sell, rentals go unrented. and merchants are pulling out. >> it's a bad situation. i mean this used to be a real nice town but we have people moving out and nobody is coming in. >> reporter: eight years later in 2003, ktvu's jim vargas reported on another strike at the c & h refinery in crockett. >> reporter: the strike by
Jul 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
these guns were coming from. >> early on we heard references to special forces. none of us believed it. >> this is all straight back. and shift. >> reporter: an undercover detective working for the atf was the first to discover these nearly untraceable guns were sneaked in from iraq for sale in the u.s. we disguised the agent's voice to disguise his identity. >> the person selling the machine guns to me told me that the person was a special forces or military type person. >> lean into it and start firing so your bite never shifts and you can have that radar. >> that's pretty [ bleep ] >> yeah, they're in the navy seal. >> we were surprised that this was an active navy seal. >> reporter: bach helped build the case. a member of the u.s. navy's highly trained seal team five who served two tours of the duty in iraq. >> on one purchase we spent $8,000 to purchase a weapons the next day i believe it was she had $8,000 wired to his bank account. >> i wasn't happy that we would ultimately have to arrest someone that could be considered a national hero. >> reporter: the man in this video was bi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5